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MakkhiChoose recognizes product pages and instantly fetches the price of the same product from all other ecommerce websites. You don't have to waste time going to other sites.
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You are in luck if the rupee glows green! Just click on the tag to expand it and see the prices. Hover on any line to see where it links to. It is that simple and effortless.
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Sony Xperia E Dual SIM Black
₹ 11000
Micromax A-27 Black
₹ 3229
Blackberry Curve 9360 White
₹ 9999
Haute Couture White Slim Semi Form...
₹ 599
Fashion Flag Blue Cotton Blend Fad...
₹ 525
Gwalior Solid Deep Gray Trouser Fa...
₹ 299
Global Risk/Global Opportunity : T...
₹ 616
Sales Forecasting Management : A D...
₹ 391
MICROELECTRONICS (English) 2nd Ed...
₹ 763
Lee Cooper Ufficio Black Men Slip-...
₹ 2164
GAS Men Black Flip Flops
₹ 239
Lee Cooper Officious Brown Leather...
₹ 2499

"For online shopping enthusiasts" - The Times of India   "Ultra cool, beautiful plugin" - NextBigWhat   "A gem" - YourStory


Instantly compare prices across online stores. Save money!

You love Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal, Myntra? We do too! They are all great stores, but not always the cheapest. With MakkhiChoose, you dont have to worry any longer. We could say more, but a fantastic fan has put together a lovely little video. Check it out.


In Detail:

Love the navigation and user-interface on one site, but find the best deals on another? MakkhiChoose lets you combine the best of both worlds and instantly grabs price information from multiple online retailers. If it finds a lower price elsewhere, it alerts you with a little note inserted right into the page you are browsing. It's amazingly easy; just see the walk-through video. MakkhiChoose works behinds the scenes and does not make a peep till it finds you a deal. Yes, this is the perfect browser add-on for you and me, the value conscious Indian shoppers :)


NOTE: This add-on has no affiliation with any of the above websites and is an independent offering.
We DO NOT track any bank sites or store any personal information.

Another note: While MakkhiChoose strives mightily to be accurate, it has a small brain and tries not to chew up your computer's cycles, so the product prices it fetches may be occasionally wrong. Also, it does not account for last-page cash-back deals offered by some of the above retailers, so caveat tenax emptor.

Now give the Makkhi a spin!


Questions you may want answers for:

Q) Does this add-on secretly snoop on my browsing activity?

A) No.

Q) OK, but can you explain what it does?

A) Sure. It only extracts the product information y ou are looking at and fetches the same from the other listed sites. It also caches this information at to make retrieval faster when needed. No other websites are accessed, and it definitely does not save any personal information.

Q) How do you pay the bills?

A) All the product data we maintain and update has to be stored and served from somewhere -- and that needs to be paid for! We use affiliate links to monetize the Makkhi. So if you see an OMG link while clicking through to another site, you now know what that is for.

Q) Will this work at all times?

A) We would love for it to, but it can break if any of the listed websites change their code-base. This does not happen frequently, and we will try to stay up-to-date with any changes.

Q) You guys are doing interesting work! How can I join your team?

A) We are always looking for smart dedicated, and curious folks to join us. If you fit the bill, contact us. How? Solve this puzzle!