TatkalNow Helps individual users manage their ticket booking

Store tickets book, save time!
A single click is all it takes.

INSTALL How it works

You can do this with one simple click, you do not have to restart your browser!
Click On Ticket Icon
To save time during busy hours, just save all your ticket details by clicking on the icon next to your address bar.
Save Ticket Details
Enter ticket details. You can optionally even enter your payment details to save time. We will save them *only* on your computer and fill irctc forms automatically when you are ready!
Just One Click To Book!
Friends and family tell us this is the best thing we've ever done :) Hope you'll save tons of precious time as well. So don't wait anymore. Get it now

This service is explicitly meant for individual users to book their own tickets. This helps users who have movement impairments for whatever reason and helps them by pre-filling some forms. The end-user takes full responsibility for booking tickets using this plugin. This plugin merely provides an automation service is not liable for any violations on the end-users part


In Detail

After you install TatkalNow, you will see a small round green icon in your address bar. Click on it.


Click on the Add Ticket button to save ticket details. You can then book this ticket later at any time you wish to.


Fill all your ticket details on the form page. To save time, you can even enter your payment details. We only store them locally on your computer. However, if you choose to not save the payment details, that's fine too. You will just have to enter them manually when you are on the payment page.


Once your ticket is saved, it will appear in the drop-down menu when you click on the round green icon in your address bar. If you have saved multiple tickets, they will all show up here. You can book any ticket by simply clicking on Book Now. You can also edit your ticket or delete it when done.


Questions you may want answers for:

Q) It stops after logging in and doesn't proceed!

A) This is often due to the wrong train number. Please make sure that you are entering the correct train number. For instance, if travelling from Chennai to Bengaluru on Shatabdi Express, the correct train number is 12027. If you enter 12028, which is the train number for Shatabdi Express travelling from Bengaluru to Chennai (the opposite direction), TatkalNow will stop on the details page!

Q) Can you explain in some detail what TatkalNow does?

A) It saves your ticket details locally on your computer. We never store them on our server. Once you are logged into irctc, you can click book now on any of the tickets you have saved. TatkalNow automatically fills in the details on each page and loads the next. You will have to fill the Captcha yourself as it is against the rules to automate it.

Q) Does this add-on secretly snoop on my browsing activity?

A) No.

Q) Will this work at all times?

A) We would love for it to, but it can break if irctc changes their code-base.